The Secret Keepers: A Novel

The long awaited sequel to the award-winning spy thriller Deadly Exchange:

sequel to Deadly Exchange
sequel to Deadly Exchange

The Secret Keepers 

Short Synopsis:

When Sara Nardell and Peter Wellington meet with a man telling a tale of an upscale brothel in the heart of Manhattan, it disrupts the easy life of reunion that Sara and Frank Revere have enjoyed over the last year and a half.

Peter springs into action and assembles the Team, now part of a United Nations Special Operations unit. And Sara soon discovers a world rampant with sex trafficking, from Vancouver to China.

What begins as a relatively simple mission blows up into something with much larger consequences, including economic world dominance, which endangers members of the Team and citizens of all western nations. At the center of it, shrouded in deception, hides a Chinese government-sanctioned group, known only as The Elders.

Like sediment stirred in a stream, deeper layers only further muddy the waters of truth…and increase peril for all.

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