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sequel to Deadly Exchange
sequel to Deadly Exchange

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#Review of The Cairo Affair

#Readers of #thrillers, this stand alone novel by award-winning author Olen Steinhauer takes place a few months after the Arab Spring. An American embassy official is murdered in Budapest and may figure into a CIA plan to meddle in Libya’s growing revolution. The wife of the murdered official, Sophie Kohl, wants to know who killed him, despite not being the most faithful spouse. Sophie and four other characters, mostly in the intelligence circles of the U.S. and Egypt, each tell their version of the events leading up to the murder. Then, there is betrayal, the devilish element that runs rampant throughout the story, which makes it a character in and of itself. Presenting a story from different points of view makes it harder to follow, at times, but is entirely effective in spinning an intriguing espionage tale. Certainly in the vein of Graham Greene, but falls a little short. 3.5 Stars.

#Review of An American Spy

#Readers of spy #thrillers will enjoy this one from Olen Steinhauer. The twists, turns, and intrigue continue in the third installment of the author’s Tourist trilogy. Milo Weaver, the reluctant spy extraordinaire of the first two stories, is thrust back into the world of espionage when his friend and former boss goes missing (after using one of Milo’s blown cover names). The stakes ramp up when a Chinese intelligence operative threatens Weaver’s wife and daughter, unless he does their bidding.
Overall, a satisfying end to a delightful and superbly written series. 5 Stars

#Review of The Nearest Exit

#Readers of spy #thrillers, Olen Steinhauer’s second installment in the Tourist spy thriller trilogy, The Nearest Exit, surpasses the first (The Tourist). It is a masterfully written work. Milo Weaver, the moody and recalcitrant CIA spy for the Department of Tourism, continues the story from The Tourist. He must reluctantly re-enter the world of Tourism for the CIA to hunt down a mole within the U.S. government, who is feeding vital intel to the Chinese. This story is both a page-turner and profound.
Steinhauer’s writing remains superb and sublime. He may be the best spy thriller writer of the current age. Certainly, he ranks up there with the likes of Graham Greene, at least to me. 5 Stars.