#Review of A Wolf Called Romeo

#Readers of stories about #nature will certainly enjoy this bittersweet tale by Nick Jans. The author tells the true story of a remarkable wild black wolf that decided to be quite social and friendly with the residents of Juneau, Alaska, especially their dogs.

It all began one night in the dead of winter, December 2003, when the author, his wife, and one of their dogs have a close meeting with a young black lone wolf on Mendenhall Lake, part of the Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area near Juneau. Over the next seven years, until 2009, this wolf purposefully and regularly engaged with the residents and their dogs in that area, mostly in a playful manner.

Jans, a former hunter, including of wolves, and a photographer, shares the details of this wild wolf and his life (the parts that are known) in beautiful fashion, mixing in key information about this top predator species and its battle for existence on our shared home–Earth.

Humans continue to amaze me with their extreme displays of compassion and cruelty, wisdom and ignorance. In the famous words of Chief Seattle, “the Earth does not belong to us; we belong to the Earth”. 5 Stars.

#Review of Trident K-9 #Warriors

#Readers, lovers of #dogs, Mike Ritland offers an enjoyable adventure into the world of Military Working Dogs (MWDs), and all that they have done for our country. The rambling narrative wanders, like an MWD doing detection work, shifting from anecdote to history to facts all involving the training, use and service of MWDs. The author, Ritland, is a former SEAL and currently develops and trains dogs for service with Special Operations Forces. If you would like to honor these extraordinary dogs, please visit the author’s nonprofit: Warrior Dog Foundation. 4 stars