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The MBF® System: An educational system for health care providers and a health and healing program for individuals.


“The Muscle Balance and Function Development® (MBF®) System provides the individual with a scientifically sequenced series of exercises designed to create a pain free existence and a path for personal empowerment. For health care providers, the MBF® educational program is a unique, principle based, results-oriented system that teaches the application of the laws of physics and biomechanics. The 76 hours of course instruction in Muscle Balance and Function Development® comprise the only comprehensive education system for structural realignment and integrity for health care providers in today’s market”

Geoff Gluckman, MSc, MBF® Creator


The human body responds, develops, and is maintained according to basic neurological and biomechanical principles. However, when the body experiences an accident, surgery, trauma, chronic over use or even the lack of purposeful physical activity apparent in today’s lifestyles, structural compensations (misalignments) and weaknesses almost always occur to some degree. This process in turn causes the premature breakdown of our musculoskeletal systems, making them susceptible to injury, reducing performance and quality of life and prolonging recovery. Left untreated, these compensations and weaknesses can lead to further misalignment.

For health care providers:

The Muscle Balance and Function Development® (MBF®) System promotes responsibility on the part of the practitioner and the patient. This method requires the health care professional to look beyond the symptom and seek the cause of any physical disorder. It challenges the participant to provide long-term solutions. Patients discover that they are primarily responsible for their own well-being. The MBF® System provides the patient with the means to restore his or her body to a higher level of function and health.

“The programs empower clients to attain a higher level of internal awareness and health.”

John Russell, RMT and Colleen Schmitt, RMT Vancouver, BC

“The MBF® education system is of great value in that it has enabled my staff and me to enhance our efforts in achieving permanent results for our patients and in helping them become more self- responsible”
Dr. Robert J. Goodman, The Nevada Spine Center, Boulder City, NV


The Muscle Balance and Function Development® System is a unique method of restoring function to the human body. It is a principle-based system that is grounded in the fundamentals of physics and biomechanics. This program’s evaluation process reveals the muscular imbalances that cause postural misalignment, compensated motion, reduced performance, and injury. Postural realignment is then accomplished by applying a progression of properly sequenced exercises that have been systematically oriented toward each client’s unique needs. These exercises target the intrinsic postural muscle groups and retrain the neuromuscular system, reminding each muscle of the function it was designed to perform. The exercises require minimal equipment and can be performed almost anywhere.


The Muscle Balance and Function Development® System expands the fundamental concepts of biomechanics and physics by applying them to the human body. This approach addresses the importance of center of gravity and human segmental alignment, and examines how the planes of motion, right angle fundamentals, and muscular function powerfully affect this alignment, structural integrity, and human performance.

Three Class Levels for Healthcare Practitioners:

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Level I: Muscle Balance and Function Development®: System Introduction

This 34-hour course provides the necessary training for practitioners to become competent in the MBF® System. Through applying the basic concepts of physics to the human body, the system addresses the importance of center of gravity, segmental alignment, and how the planes of motion, right angle fundamentals, and muscular function effect overall posture and performance.

Through lecture and hands-on practice with both class attendees and real world clients, participants are taught how to apply the principles to recognize muscular imbalances and compensated motion as well as properly sequence the correct exercises (over 60 are provided by demonstration, and in written form) to mitigate their clients’ symptoms and enhance their performance. Students will receive the MBF® Level I Manual and Course Notebook.

Level II: Muscle Balance and Function Development®: Honing Your Skills

This option offers the first 21-hour advanced level education and training course in the MBF® System. The practitioner is first shown a different way to view the human organism on the physical level through 3-D Right Angles, One Point Mechanics, and extensive practical application with the participants’ clients. New exercises are taught and the Level II Manual are also provided. Next, participants are introduced to the psycho/emotional ramifications of the MBF® System. Here students explore the connection between these states of being and their potential effects on one’s level of health, and how these effects may manifest themselves in their clients’ physical beings from symptomatic and structural integrity viewpoints. The 34-hour Level I course is a mandatory prerequisite.

Level III: Upper/Lower Strength and Power Routines for MBF®:

This 21-hour course option covers the highest level of advanced education and training in the MBF® System. The practitioner begins to combine the principles of biomechanics and physics from Levels I and II and the psycho/emotional component from Level II with the energetic aspects of the human being as they relate to MBF®. It is in Level III that students work with applying this knowledge to “tie it all together” in order to formulate functional upper and lower body strength training routines, and to create a balance between the physical, psycho/emotional, and energetic realms. MBF® Levels I an II are mandatory prerequisites.

Other MBF® Educational Opportunities:

Advanced Instruction/Chart Review for MBF®: This option is for the health care professional who has completed Level One (minimum) and desires further one to one education through private continuing education training and/or client chart review utilizing email and pictures.

Muscle Balance and Function Development® Internship:

This method of education provides any practitioner, who has completed Level I or beyond, with an intensive hands-on learning experience applying the principles of the system. Typically structured over two consecutive days, a master level MBF® practitioner will supervise the evaluation, program design, and implementation of three clients each day in the clinic or location of the contracting practitioner. For each client there will be ample discussion time between the student and master practitioner. Each day is 7 hours (including time for lunch). Students receive a short workbook of sample postures with correct program design. MBF® Level I is a mandatory prerequisite.

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