Sex Secrets

Sex Secrets: Part 1: Hieros Gamos

by Geoffrey M. Gluckman

Throughout the ages the quest for secrets have enthralled many a seeker. Often the “secret” is generated because the original information from antiquity has been misplaced. The lore of secrets pertaining to occult societies create the greatest draw, such as the hidden key symbol in Dan Brown’s novel, The Lost Symbol. Another popular secret is the treasure of the Knight Templars, purportedly stashed somewhere between Scotland to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The arena of sex offers its share of tantalizing and enigmatic mysteries and legends, each with dutiful seekers. Of course, Viagra has enlivened hordes of men, many who sought the secret to re-awakening dormant desires.

One of the oldest Western secret sex traditions, also touched on by Dan Brown in his Da Vinci Code, is the two thousand year old ritual, Hieros Gamos. Referenced from ancient texts, this tradition is much older, but certainly thrived around the time of Christ. In Greek, it means “holy marriage”. It is a sexual ritual that enacts a marriage between a God and Goddess, with humans playing the parts of deities. The actual performance is not a given in this scenario.

At a deeper, more spiritual level, it is meant to be a harmonization of opposites, like Water and Fire, yin and yang. In fact, Hieros Gamos may have its roots dating back to the Ancient Near East, in particular the land of Sumer, where the ritual was practiced in a temple at the time of Vernal Equinox.

The premise behind Hieros Gamos revered the natural sexual union between a man and a woman through which each became spiritually whole. (This would indicate that one is not inherently spiritually complete to begin with.) Nevertheless, a good way to exert control over a population. Not unlike the illusion of incompleteness popularized by many religions, cults, and secret societies.

The interesting key behind Hieros Gamos is that sexual union is not demonized nor demoralized. The sexual act between a man and a woman is sacred because of the God-like byproduct–life. As the Book of Genesis (and all other sources for major religions) tells us, Creation is the realm of God  or, in some cultures, the Gods. Also, Hieros Gamos revered the sacred feminine, which was the main reason for it becoming secret because the Church was asserting the power of the masculine. In addition, at the moment of climax, especially for men, there is a fleeting instance of selflessness, also known in some circles as Nirvana or existing in the void–God’s space.

These are the secrets of Hieros Gamos. The two key aspects are  1) the reverence for the sacred feminine, and 2) the illusion that each of us is incomplete.

For the latter, you are naturally spiritually whole (referenced by many ancient texts, many of which have been kept hidden), unless you BELIEVE that you are not. Anyone that tells you that you are incomplete is probably trying to control you.

Sex Secrets: Part 2: Sexual Magic

by Geoffrey M. Gluckman

This a term for various forms of sexual activity employed in rituals and religious/spiritual endeavors. The premise behind such practices relies on utilizing the enhanced energy of sex to break the bounds of one’s normal perception of reality. This tradition finds its origins from thousands of years ago in the Far East(3), which were written down, but not necessarily in English. The earliest known modern Western writings come from Paschal Beverly Randolph(1), a 19th century occultist, whose instructions were quite clear and specific on the practice, especially about the participants. Probably the most prolific person on the topic is the infamous Aleicester Crowley(2), creator of the system of Magick. He authored at least 5 works that include some sort of reference to the subject.

The real key to sexual magic lies at the point of orgasm (preferably for both partners simultaneously), where the seeker enters a “loss of consciousness” state, thereby better harnessing the limitless energies of great power available in the universe.

Again, like “Sex Secrets: Part 1: Hieros Gamos”, the link of sex magic is to the power of conception, the creative energy uniting with the sacred feminine.

For example: at the point of orgasm, the aspirant visualizes on a symbol. The symbol typically represents something the seeker wishes to manifest.

Why do this?

Because what the mind focuses on projects into the material realm-in other words-manifests. Numerous ancient texts, from various cultures, have taught this precept. Thus, by focusing the mind at a point when it is free from its normal boundaries affords a great opportunity for manifestation.



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