FND Process


The exercises used for Functional Neurological Development require minimal equipment and can be performed almost anywhere, though some require ample space for movement.
The three-step process of FND requires:

A) Functional Neurological Development Evaluation (2-3 hours), which involves evaluations of 42 areas of brain function, including: 1) Visual Development; 2) Auditory Perception; 3) Mobility and Manual Development; 4) Tactile and Kinesthetic Development

B) Home Activity Program, based on the information gathered, is designed for overcoming the functional neurological challenge presented.
The individual and parental guardians are taught how to perform the program in detail (1 hour to 90 minutes).

C) Follow-up Visits: are scheduled every three months after the initial visit. The purpose of the follow-up is to observe the prescribed program, evaluate progress, and make changes, as needed.

Clients discover that they are primarily responsible for their own well being, and are provided the means to restore their bodies to a higher level of function and health.