Deadly Exchange: A Novel

DeadlyExchange CoverWinner of Honorable Mention at the 2009 Los Angeles Book Festival (runner-up to Grand Prize winner)

“…moves along at the speed of light. The excitement starts on page one, and keeps going till the final sentence…”

– Simon Barrett, Blogger News Network, Reviewer

“…a riveting spectacle of thrills and chills that comes with a heart and soul. More than just some thriller you put away after a reading, it is also a warning about making bargains with personal freedoms…”

– Podler Review

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What if the company you work for could control your mind?

Only weeks remain before Lectures And More, Inc., a company representing the world’s top motivational speakers, launches its latest technological advance: a mind-altering radio frequency device sold as a work-site enhancement product. The deceptively altruistic Ulrich Rogers spearheads the company and its reeducation programs, incorporating the presentational prowess and charm of Jennifer Chance, a world-renowned motivational speaker. But as the lies that make up her life begin to unravel like threads on a poorly sewn garment, it becomes evident that nothing is as it seems.

Jennifer alone holds the key to unveil Rogers’s plot to hold America hostage using Lectures And More’s newest device. Plunged into a twisting chase to escape the clutches of Rogers and his former espionage henchmen, Jennifer seeks help from Frank Revere, an enigmatic former government counterintelligence agent. But the question of who to trust continues to dangle in Jennifer’s mind. Thousands of lives hang in the balance, but a deeper deception lurks in the shadows …

Brimming with suspense, danger, and mystery, Deadly Exchange conjures up a blend of the ordinary, the arcane, the seen, and the unseen in the search for truth.

More Praise for Deadly Exchange

“…a fast-paced thriller.”
– Eric D. Goodman, Borders Books Reviewer, author of The Flightless Goose

“…this is a fantastic book! …a love story intricately entangled with a devious, take-over-the-world story.”

– Desiree DiFabio,

“…an exciting thriller that keeps readers at the edge of their seats. This is a frightening story that leads to an explosive ending. This has the makings for an excellent movie.”

– Socrates Book Reviews

“…a very exciting and compelling read.” – Margaret Orford, Allbooks Reviewer

“…CREEPY. Ok one more word … PLAUSIBLE. Yikes. Gluckman [has] put together a great thriller … the pages flew by…”

– Monie G, Reading with Monie

“Deadly Exchange is a novel that feels closer to the political truth about modern lives in America than anything I’ve read in a long time …”

– Susanna Herrera, author of Mango Elephants in the Sun

“…a real pageturner.” –Kathy Patrick, Head Queen, Pulpwood Queens Book Club

“Having worked intel for Uncle Sam, Deadly Exchange was glued to my hands from cover to cover. When’s the next one coming? Look out “Jason Bourne”, Frank Revere is in town! … a most wonderful book.”

–Jeff Allen, Florida

“I really enjoyed it. I liked it even more than the last LeCarre I read” –Rocco Marano Reston, VA

“Deadly Exchange grabs you early and doesn’t let go. This highly original thriller is much more than page turner…”

–John Clapp, PhD., author and professor, Ohio State University

I LOVED Deadly Exchange! – Irene Nelson, Bay Area, CA